Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three weeks, give or take, until I am a mom of two.  Two!  Somehow, I still find this a bit unbelievable.  I have a very active three-year old.  People are starting to remark on how active she is the bigger I get.  I know what they are really thinking, "Your child is so active, what have you gotten yourself into?" 

Well, thanks to my "active" child I did not gain as much extra weight with this pregnancy.  I managed to finish my Master's while raising my active child, who is now hopping around the living room talking about train exercises...whatever that means.  I think the trains are watching her hop around them.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"That Crocodile's soo soo cute! It's soo soo cute."

What makes an animal, or person for that matter, cute?  And when do adults stop thinking that crocodiles are cute?  Is it the minute we hear an adult tell us they are scary or dangerous?  Honestly, scary creatures are not associated with cuteness.  Except for monsters.  With the advent of Monsters, Inc and Sesame Street, monsters have become cute.  My 2 year old does not even make the connection that monsters are supposed to be scary.  She is more afraid of giants and loud parrots than anything remotely resembling a monster, including dinosaurs and crocodiles.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dream Dating

This morning, I had a dream that Brad Garrett was my husband.  After a party, he picked me up over his shoulder and ran with me down the street.  It was night and romantic; street lights were featured.  He was a good husband, but had some of the qualities he displayed on Raymond mixed up with those of my actual husband.

I imagine this will start a Brad Garrett crush, much like the one I have on Bill Murray.  Bill took me dream dating once, and now I find him ever-so dreamy!

Truth be told, I know this dream stemmed from a conversation about Andre the Giant and how much he could drink.  According to my husband, it was a bottle of Jack that gave him a buzz.  He was a big man, and I think inspiration for Brad throwing me over his shoulder.

Andre and Brad share the same hair.    Kinda.

Humming and a Holy Temple

Poltergeist 2 ruined humming for me.  Here's how: My two-year old was happily humming this morning, and it wasn't long before I heard (in my head) God is in his holy TEEEM-PLE, Earth divide, be silent now. Are those even the words?  Who knows, but it is what I hear, and have been hearing, since 1986.  Along with this guy's face 

Click on the song at your own risk!  Song

Ok, I looked up the lyrics, and I obviously do not know them, but I think they are stuck there.  In my head, Kane wants Earth to divide and all to be silent.  I wish someone would parody the song, and remove the fear.  I just need to embrace it.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things I've learned by being a mom.

1.  Buy stock in chocolate chips.  Cookies on the fly are amazing.
2.  Shower baths are like a waterfalls, and a great way to entice your child to bathe.
3.  Macaroni and cheese must be from a box.  Toddlers do not love vegan mac n' cheese.  Not loving = not eating lunch.
4.  Easiest way to get a kid to eat zucchini is to make Dessert Zucchini Bread with chocolate chips.
5.  Toddlers sing everything.  Music makes magic.  (This is the reason behind so many potty songs!)
6.  When people tell you that your toddler will relapse after you think they are potty trained, believe them.
7.  Keep frozen veggies and pasta in the house at all times.  Kids love pasta.
8.  All kids are different, and advice is child-specific.  With kids, you can't compare-don't compare.
9.  Use your local library.  Storytimes are invaluable and free.
10. People will think things about you, as a mom, a woman and a person.  Don't care what they think anymore.  No one has that kind of time.  Don't adopt other people's insecurities.