Friday, June 14, 2013

Dream Dating

This morning, I had a dream that Brad Garrett was my husband.  After a party, he picked me up over his shoulder and ran with me down the street.  It was night and romantic; street lights were featured.  He was a good husband, but had some of the qualities he displayed on Raymond mixed up with those of my actual husband.

I imagine this will start a Brad Garrett crush, much like the one I have on Bill Murray.  Bill took me dream dating once, and now I find him ever-so dreamy!

Truth be told, I know this dream stemmed from a conversation about Andre the Giant and how much he could drink.  According to my husband, it was a bottle of Jack that gave him a buzz.  He was a big man, and I think inspiration for Brad throwing me over his shoulder.

Andre and Brad share the same hair.    Kinda.

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